Summary of changes in WordPress 4.0

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February 24th, 2015

Last time we reviewed changes for WordPress 3.9. In this post we’ll break down the changes in WordPress 4.0. This release brought about a new media library UI and improvements to content editing screens. For us, the biggest changes are a Customizer Panels API and updates to external libraries. Improvements were also made to the orderby field in WP_Query. Additional magic methods were added to a number of classes such as WP_Error, WP_Ajax_Response, WP_Query and others


  • Added a src parameter to the embed shortcode
  • Trigger _doing_it_wrong() when a registered post type or taxonomy slug is too long (20 characters max)
  • Ensure custom post types nested under top-level menu items get the proper classes
  • Forces an autosave on switch from Visual to Text editor
  • Fix get_the_ID() not checking for a proper post object
  • Leverage iframe sandboxing for audio and video, allowing arbitrary scripts to be loaded

New features

New Filters

  • attach_session_information
  • customize_control_active
  • human_time_diff
  • oembed_remote_get_args
  • run_wptexturize
  • session_token_manager
  • wp_editor_settings
  • wp_embed_handler_youtube
  • wp_title_parts

WordPress 4.0.1 was also reviewed but contained only bug fixes and security hardening patches and is not summarized in this post.


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