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Summary of changes in WordPress 3.2

September 26th, 2013 in Upgrade 0 comments

To prepare for our big jump in WordPress versions coming up soon [ from 3.1.4 to 3.6.1 ], we needed to review the changes that have occurred over these 4 versions. Below is a summary of these changes for WordPress 3.2, broken down into “changes” and “new features”. Changes are any deprecated pieces of code or changes to how a piece of code functions. New features are self-explanatory. For our purposes, the list of changes is of greater importance to ensure nothing breaks.

Version 3.2 added a new default theme, a distraction free writing mode and other admin improvements. The major change with 3.2 was an update to the PHP and MySQL requirements, from a minimum of PHP 4.3 & MySQL 4.1.2 to a minimum of PHP 5.2.4 & MySQL 5.0.15. We meet both of these minimum requirements currently so it is not a concern for us. Additionally WordPress dropped support for IE6 in this version. These changes plus improvements to the codebase resulted in better performance and faster page loads.

Below is a list of relevant changes and new features introduced in WordPress 3.2 for developers. The most useful new features include a WP_Meta_Query class similar to WP_Query, a new is_multi_author() template tag, and hooks into wp-admin/update-core.php.


  • IE6 no longer supported, EOL start for IE7, uses Browse Happy.
  • Show the sticky posts checkbox (“Stick this post to the front page”) Only when author has ‘edit_others_posts’ capability
  • Rename duplicate ‘delete_post’ and ‘deleted_post’ actions to ‘before_delete_post’ and ‘after_delete_post’

New features

  • Themes sub-menu under Appearance [ hide for certain users? ]
  • new is_multi_author() template tag
  • Allow plugins to hook into wp-admin/update-core.php
  • Allow custom author elements such as email
  • Add option_page_capability_$option_page filter
  • Allow taxonomies to be queried by $_GET parameters on non-taxonomy url’s
  • Add a per-post-type nav menu items filter for plugin control
  • Add .ics / text/calendar to the whitelist of allowed file types
  • Add cache_domain argument to get_terms() to allow caching to a unique set of cache buckets; useful when taxonomy queries have been modified via filters and need their own cache space
  • Allow get_pages() to support multiple post statuses
  • Allow WP_Query ‘post_status’ parameter to accept an array, as well as a singular value and comma separated list
  • Introduce WP_Meta_Query and relation support

Version 3.2.1 was also reviewed but only contained a bug fix and is not summarized here.