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WP 4.6.2 Upgrade completed

We kicked off WP 4.1.1 Upgrade project on August 3rd, 2016 when WP 4.6 was still in betas. By the time we were ready to upgrade, WordPress 4.7 had come out. We completed the WP 4.6.2 upgrade project on Sunday January 14, 2017. The work took longer than expected due to significant staff shortage.  

WP 4.1.1 Upgrade completed

We completed the WP 4.1.1 upgrade project (originally the WP 4.1 project) on Sunday March 8th, 2015. We kicked off WP 4.1.1 Upgrade project back in November 25th, 2014 when WP 4.1 was still in betas. In previous upgrades, we had waited until the official release of WordPress to get started on our upgrade projects. By the time we were […]


Generating load using real browsers

Problem: Unrealistic Load Tests Problem Previously at BU, we’ve used tools like Siege and NeoLoad to generate load on our test servers for our load testing. We’ve realized that this often doesn’t create a realistic view of what happens when actual traffic hits our websites. The problem with these load test tools is that they […]