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Summary of changes in WordPress 3.6

October 16th, 2013 in Upgrade 0 comments

We continue our series of WordPress change summaries with WordPress 3.6. For a brief introduction to these summaries, view the change summary post for WordPress 3.2.

The latest version of WordPress [ for now, WP 3.7 is right around the corner ] introduced a slew of developer focused changes, including a ton of new functions mostly related to media management. The biggest relevant changes are in improvements to Revision Management both on the user side with an improved UI and on the backend with improved handling of revisions. The other big change in WP 3.6 is the addition of an Audio and Video API with a built-in player for both. The API includes access to image and video metadata as well as a slew of new functions and shortcodes.

A few other changes we might want to investigate further include the addition of an in-line login for expired sessions [ make sure it still works with WebLogin ], a filter for revisions allowing sites to set different revision numbers [ might be useful on news/magazine style sites ] and two new shortcode functions that will help determine if a shortcode is in use.


  • Each author now has their own autosave stream, which stores things locally as well as on the server (so much harder to lose something) and there‚Äôs an interface for taking over editing of a post.
  • Revamped Revisions save every change and the new interface allows you to scroll easily through changes to see line-by-line who changed what and when.
  • You can now choose HTML5 markup for things like comment and search forms, and comment lists.
  • Better filters for how revisions work, so you can store a different amount of history for different post types.
  • In-line login following expired sessions
  • Filters for revisions, allowing you to set the number of revisions ad hoc instead of only via a define.
  • Search content for shortcodes with has_shortcode() and adjust shortcode attributes with a new filter.
  • Automatically esc_url() the URL echoed by the_permalink()
  • Allow developers to specify an Accept-Encoding header in WP_Http::accept_encoding()
  • The Revision Management UI saw significant improvement
  • Shortcode attributes can now be filtered via shortcode_atts_$shortcode hook
  • Better Audio/Video support in Core
  • Add the ability to use HTML5 input types in the comment form
  • Redirect after save on options-permalink.php to ensure permalinks are fully flushed


  • The ability to change post formats was removed from Quick Edit
  • Deprecate wp_convert_bytes_to_hr() in favor of size_format()
  • Deprecate get_user_id_from_string() in favor of get_user_by() where `$field` is ’email’ or ‘login’
  • Deprecate wpdb::escape() in favor of wpdb::prepare() or esc_sql()

New features

  • Added wp_audio_shortcode() and wp_video_shortcode()
  • Introduce wp_add_id3_tag_data()
  • Introduce wp_read_video_metadata()
  • Introduce wp_read_audio_metadata()
  • Introduce wp_mediaelement_fallback()
  • Introduce wp_get_audio_extensions()
  • Introduce wp_get_video_extensions()
  • Introduce wp_embed_handler_audio()
  • Introduce wp_embed_handler_video()
  • Introduce get_attached_media()
  • Introduce get_post_galleries()
  • Introduce get_post_galleries_images()
  • Introduce get_post_gallery()
  • Introduce get_post_gallery_images()
  • Introduce wp_post_revision_title_expanded()
  • Introduce wp_revisions_enabled()
  • Introduce wp_revisions_to_keep()
  • Introduce paginate_content()
  • Introduce get_paged_content()
  • Introduce shortcode_exists()
  • Introduce has_shortcode()
  • Introduce wp_remove_object_terms() and wp_add_object_terms()
  • Introduce wp_nav_menu_disabled_check()
  • Introduce wp_nav_menu_update_menu_items()
  • Introduce do_accordion_sections()
  • Introduce wp_slash()and wp_unslash()
  • Introduce wp_auth_check_load()
  • Introduce wp_auth_check()

New Filters

  • Add self_link in self_link()
  • Add get_comments_link in get_comments_link()
  • Add comments_link_feed in comments_link_feed()
  • Add comment_link in get_comment_link()
  • Add nav_menu_link_attributes in Walker_Nav_Menu::start_el()
  • Add wp_revisions_to_keep in wp_revisions_to_keep()
  • Add wp_link_pages in wp_link_pages()
  • Add search_form_format in get_search_form()
  • Add user_search_columns in WP_User_Query::prepare_query()
  • Add wp_http_accept_encoding in WP_Http_Encoding::accept_encoding()
  • Add widget_meta_poweredby in WP_Widget_Meta::widget()

Version 3.6.1 was also reviewed but only contained bug fixes and a few security patches and is not summarized here.