Analyzing access logs

As part of the effort to put together better load tests, I’ve written a simple shell script for performing some access log analysis.  Use to obtain log files from production servers and <directory containing files> to perform analysis.  This will take up a bit of space for a single day.

After running this script there will be new files in the directory showing wp-admin and admin-ajax requests ordered by frequency for the day.

Fetch scripts from github.

So far after looking at several days of results, some preliminary items of note are:

  • Most wp-admin requests are to admin-ajax.php.
  • Roughly half of those admin-ajax.php requests, roughly half are POSTS.
  • Roughly half f those POSTs to admin-ajax.php (and surprisingly some of the GETs) have no action in the URL that we can use to identify what’s being done.  This is a significant amount of our admin.

I’m compiling a list of use cases for test planning here.