Creating a Lesson

A BULB Lesson is an ordered collection of one or more BULB Lesson Pages.

A multi-page lesson consists of a parent Lesson Page and its child Lesson Pages arranged in the desired order.

showing parent and child lesson pages
Lesson Hierarchy

To create a new BULB lesson:

  1. Select “Lessons” from the BULB Lessons menu.
  2. Fill in the name of your lesson
  3. Create a slug if you desire a slug that is different from the default.
  4. Add a short description of the lesson, if desired.
  5. Click “Create Lesson”.
5 steps to create a lesson
Creating a Lesson

An index of an individual lesson will be available at the following link location: <site domain>/courses/custom-lesson-slug/

An index of all BULB lessons on a site is available at the following link location: <site domain>/lessons/

Video Tutorial: