Matching Block

The Matching block allows the creation of questions where users can match phrases in the left column with phrases in the right column.

Front-End Interface (Public View)

The question below is an example of the Matching block front-end user interface in action. This is how your Matching question will look on your public-facing site. If you have permission to edit this page, you can change any of the fields.

Building a Matching Question

To build a Matching question:

  1. Enter the Question Header text (optional).
  2. Enter the Question Body text (optional).
  3. Enter text for Prompt 1.
  4. Enter the matching text for the Answer associated with Prompt 1.
  5. Select the answer Sequence. This is the order (A, B, C…) that the available answers will appear in the right-side column.
    • Please Note: The selector drop down automatically provides additional choices as matching pairs are added to the question, so be sure to define your final sequence once all pairs have been added.
  6. The question automatically provides fields for two prompt pairs. Select Add Pair to add additional prompt pairs. You can click the button to delete a pair, if necessary.
  7. Enter the question’s Correct Feedback text. This will be displayed when the user correctly matches all pairs.
  8. Enter the question’s Incorrect Feedback text. This will be displayed when the user incorrectly matches all pairs.
  9. Be sure to Publish/Update your Lesson Page to save the changes.

Video Tutorial: