True/False Block

The True/False block allows the creation of simple true/false questions.

Front-End Interface (Public View)

The question below is an example of the True/False block front-end user interface in action. This is how your True/False question will look on your public-facing site. If you have permission to edit this page, you can change any of the fields.

Building a True/False Question

To build a True/False question:

  1. Enter the Question Header text (optional).
  2. Enter the Question Body text (optional).
  3. Enter Answer 1. Select Correct Answer if Answer 1 is the true choice.
  4. Enter Answer 2. Select Correct Answer if Answer 2 is the true choice.
  5. Enter the Correct Feedback for the question.
  6. Enter the Incorrect Feedback for the question.
  7. Publish/Update your Lesson Page.
true and false

Video Tutorial: