Multiple Answer Block

The Multiple Answer block allows the creation of questions that present the user with up to 6 answer choices. The Multiple Answer block is very similar to the Multiple Choice block but allows more than one correct answer.

Front-End Interface (Public View)

The question below is an example of the Multiple Answer block front-end user interface in action. This is how your Multiple Answer question will look on your public-facing site. If you have permission to edit this page, you can change any of the fields.

Building a Multiple Answer Question

To build a Multiple Answer question:

  1. Enter the Question Header text (optional).
  2. Enter the Question Body text (optional).
  3. Enter Answer 1.
  4. Enter the Feedback specific to Answer 1.
  5. Check the box if Answer 1 is a Correct Answer. Repeat steps 3-5 for all the remaining answer choices.
  6. Click Add Answer to add additional answer choices to the question.
  7. Enter the Correct Feedback for the entire question.
  8. Enter the Incorrect Feedback for the entire question.
  9. Publish/Update your Lesson Page.
multiple answer

Video Tutorial: